Imagine looking into the mirror and getting astonished to see a whole new you smiling back at you.

Now Amaze Yourself With The Most
Precious Lifetime Gift Of An Attractive
Beautiful Smile You Deserve

Let highly proficient cosmetic specialists, with a solid track record of excellent results get you a healthy, full blowing, bright smile enhancing your confidence, self-image and mood.

You see the absence and presence of a dazzling smile always carries a great significance in your personal, professional and social life.

Not only others are attracted to a beautiful smile, it’s the first thing that people usually notice about you. Your smile indicates a sense of well-being and plays an integral role in boosting your moral, confidence, self-esteem and mood.

And if you want to enjoy a beautiful, straight, bright smile then you are at the right place.

My partner Dr. Athira and I take full responsibility for an accurate, reliable and long-lasting Smile Makeover.

We are not the white beard, arrogant guys. Our patients say, with us, they have experienced a dramatically positive difference in terms of warmth, friendliness, comfort, surety of right guidance, before and after support and excellent results.

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Join hundreds of our fully satisfied patients who took advantage of our new, most advanced, and international standard procedure ensuring maximum safety, comfort, excellent long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful results.

Why Patients Love Us

6 Great Reasons Why We Are Uniquely Qualified To Offer You A Global Standard Implant Treatment

Our responsibility for a long-lasting treatment

We take full responsibility for the reliability, quality, and performance of treatment. Several of our patients have taken treatment 3 years, 2.5 years, 1.5 years from now and still find no issues (in chewing, no pain, and sustained aesthetics) and are feeling completely satisfied.

Established, Credible Track Record

We are not the white beard, wise-old guys but over 99.5% of patients have awarded us with 5-star reviews have confidently recommended us to their family, friends, and neighbors. We’ve served patients from Europe, US, UK, Middle East and more.

Total transparency and honest, objective counsel

Unlike others, we never have any special interest. This is why other experienced doctors and surgeons regularly approach us. You’ll always get the best recommendation based on thorough diagnosis, you’ll know the total time of the procedure (no faulty promises) and total fees (no hidden charges).

Better patient experience and comfort

We are never in a hurry. We look for total satisfaction. The entire treatment and procedure are well-organized. We use advanced techniques to ensure minimal pain, minimal bleeding, minimal discomfort, and faster wound healing, lesser post-operative pain, and better results.

Our hands-on experience in Smile Design

– I am BDS, MDS, Prosthodontist, and Implantologist and Dr. Athira is BDS. We have received extensive hands-on-training and assisted in several successful cases. And now have earned experience in handling different, difficult and complex cases

Team of experts

Let’s be fair. We all naturally perform certain tasks more passionately and better than other tasks. We have more experience and are better trained at certain skills than others. And so we work in a team. Plus, for some specialized or rare cases, we invite other dental experts who have successfully handled such cases.

Dr. Ganesh and Dr. Athira did a fantastic job…. it’s been more than 2 years since I took the treatment and still everything is excellent...

I have come all the way from Germany for my Smile Makeover. A friend of mine, also a dentist, recommended Dr. Ganesh. I was very nervous, my teethes were in really bad shape and I already had the bad experience in Germany. I took some treatment and it got failed. But Dr. Ganesh and Dr. Athira did a fantastic job. I had very specific requirements and Dr. Ganesh and Dr. Athira fulfilled it for me. In fact, they didn’t settle until they were completely satisfied. Plus everything was well-planned and structured so that no time is wasted. It is because of them I am enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile. The best part is it’s been more than 2 years since I took the treatment and still everything is excellent. Quality and finishing is such that my friends could not even notice that I am wearing crowns. Now I want my father to be treated with Dr. Ganesh and Dr. Athira.. He has been to Belgium for dental issues but is dissatisfied. It’s because of his age traveling to Pune, India would be an issue. Anyways whenever I visit India I always make sure I drop into Dental Tree and say hi. Ralf

In just a matter of minutes I was completely convinced that Dr. Ganesh is the right expert...

One of my friends recommends Dr. Ganesh. When I consulted him, in just a matter of minutes I was completely convinced that Dr. Ganesh is the right person for my smile makeover and designing. It’s been 4 months and the results are excellent. In fact, as a doctor, I learned from Dr. Ganesh how to stay enormously patient. I had an old crown that needs to be removed and it took nearly 90 minutes of careful, patient work. Hurrying would have only caused me pain and discomfort so Dr. Ganesh invested over 90 minutes so that I don’t feel any discomfort. Dr. Uma Prarthi

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Don’t wait for things to get worse. Get it treated now before it’s too late. It will save you time, cost and will get you better results.

Medical Technology Breakthrough And Innovative Procedures Ensures High Safety, Aesthetically Beautiful Results And High Success Rate

We are amongst the very few clinics in the country accentuated with new-age, advanced technology, and innovative techniques. For instance -

Laser device - Ensures minimal pain, minimal bleeding, minimal discomfort and faster wound healing, lesser post-operative pain, and better results.

Digital radiograph - for utmost patient comfort.

Sandblaster – to increase prosthesis retention.

Semi adjustable articulator and face bow - for highly accurate tooth replacement, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Global standard protocols for complete sterilization.

Superior Intraoral camera - for better visualization, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Superior quality material -
International standard material ensure maximum safety, comfort and are built to last.

Absolute Adherence to global standards -
High standards for clinical hygiene and safety, as set by the Indian Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Joins thousands of happy, satisfied patients who trusted us for transparent, reliable counsel and excelent, long-lasting results.